Frequently Asked Questions

What Costs are Involved?

The Invoice Discounting costs are client specific. The fee is calculated on daily interest on the length of the days the invoice is unpaid or per invoice.

No hidden or additional costs are involved and no early repayment penalties are instituted.

Do you take over the Debt?

No, we only work with the particular invoice that we are discounting. We work closely with your debtors’ credit controllers, to ensure the process of debt collection is well managed.

We practice a proactive collections methodology to effectively collect your debt, ensuring positive cash flow for our clients.  

What Credit Terms do you use?

We work within the credit terms agreed between you and your customer, unless otherwise requested by either party. 

Do I have to discount all my invoices?

No, you can be selective on what invoices get discounted based on your financial cash flow requirements.

Who can use your service?

Any business that supplies products or services on payment terms can benefit from invoice discounting.